5 Keys to Writing Compelling Content

How compelling is the content on your business website? If you use your website to inform potential clients about your products and services, you really need to know about compelling content: what it is, why it’s important and how to write it. In this post, I’ll explain the 5 keys to writing compelling content and show you an […]

How to Write Cohesive Paragraphs

I speak to lots of people about the things they find most challenging about writing. Some struggle with ideas and others with punctuation; some with sentences and others with organisation; some with vocabulary and others with tone; and so on. Today’s post is for you if you struggle with paragraphs, particularly if you find it difficult to link your paragraphs together smoothly and logically, so […]

How to Write a Business Letter: Essential Edits

The people in my family like language. We remember the jumbled words from our childhoods, like ‘minkle’ for milk, and ‘nairny’ for aeroplane. We talk about words and writing. So it wasn’t unusual for one family member to circulate a business letter they received recently from their accountant, FOI. For Our Interest. The letter was easy to understand, […]

How to Organise Writing 1: ‘for & against’

It’s one thing to have good ideas. And quite another to write about them in an organised way. Yet effective organisation – or structure – is really important, whether you’re writing an academic paper, a business letter or copy for your website. Why to Organise Writing 1. Relevance. The topic and scope of a well-organised piece of writing […]

How to Write a Job Advertisement

Editing decisions take into account the type of text involved and whether there are conventions of layout, content and language usage (such as style, tone and vocabulary) that need to be respected. This post shows my recent edits of a job advertisement. You’ll see a ‘before’ version, an ‘after’ version, and an edit-by-edit commentary. Some of my edits might […]

How to Write Effectively Online

Much of the available advice on how to write effective copy for your online business urges you to engage your readers and suggests how this might be done: build a relationship; make them feel comfortable; demonstrate your understanding; show your skills; invite them to subscribe; use their language; know their pain points; highlight your experience; appeal […]

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

I once wrote a Letter of Recommendation and the surprising thing is, it was for myself! I’d asked a respected mentor to write something that I could attach to a job application. He suggested that I draft something that he could then edit and sign. Rats! I’d assumed that he would be doing the actual […]

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