What are you Reading?

Good writers read a lot, and most recommend that aspiring writers read a lot too. But what if you don’t like reading? Teachers say that a child who doesn’t like reading just hasn’t found the right book yet and I imagine the same is true for everyone. So how can you go about finding ‘the right book’? In this post […]

A Useful Resource for Writers

This is Kasey, a 5-month-old Labrador who’s living with us for 12 months. We’ve joined the Queensland Guide Dogs Puppy Raiser program and are teaching Kasey social skills and good manners until she’s old enough to begin guide dog training proper. Right now she’s asleep under my desk, but there’s been little of that lately. Which is […]

Why This is my Favourite Blogging Resource

Are you keen to improve your blogging, but not sure where to go for advice? In my post this week, I thought I’d help by recommending one of my favourite blogging resources: Daily Blog Tips. Daily Blog Tips publishes a daily email that’s short, sweet and always includes valuable pointers on a range of blog-related topics (quality vs quantity; how to encourage […]

5 Easy Steps to Control your To-Do List using the Impact-Ease Tool

The Challenge I don’t know about you, but my to-do list can really scare me. The problem is simple and well known: too much to do and too little time. People assume that as a proofreader, editor and writer I spend 90% of my time proofreading, editing and writing. But in fact, there are lots […]

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