Editing Services

Read what Clients Say.. about how my editing eliminates stress; saves resources, time and money; and produces highly effective writing that brings the results they want.

When I edit for you, I ensure that your ideas are expressed clearly, succinctly, accurately and in a consistent voice (or style).

Depending on your audience and the purpose of your writing, editing can include:

  • rephrasing sentences to remove repetition and waffle
  • reorganising paragraphs to improve flow and readability
  • using a range of sentence structures to maintain your readers’ interest and enhance fluency
  • expressing your key points so that readers remember them
  • clarifying ambiguities and explaining assumptions that readers may not share with you
  • establishing and maintaining your unique perspective, expertise and voice as a trustworthy source
  • language adjustments to develop relationships with your readers
  • ensuring that your writing conforms, if appropriate, with expected norms, such as sales letter or About pages
  • correct use of academic referencing styles such as Harvard or APA
Why hire me?

I’m an excellent editor because I take time to understand you and the reasons for your writing. I learn about your point of view, your purpose, your readers, and their likely responses to your work. This means that I’m working with you, not just with your words.

Please read about my Typical Clients. Find out how to Get a Quote. And Contact me to discuss your needs.

Always meeting my deadlines and often in advance, Alison has been an asset to our business and our clients.”

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