Why This is my Favourite Blogging Resource


Are you keen to improve your blogging, but not sure where to go for advice?

In my post this week, I thought I’d help by recommending one of my favourite blogging resources: Daily Blog Tips.

Daily Blog Tips publishes a daily email that’s short, sweet and always includes valuable pointers on a range of blog-related topics (quality vs quantity; how to encourage more comments; how not to sound like a sleazy marketer; legitimate ways to boost your traffic; where to find great images; and much more.)

What I most like about it is that the tips can generally be put into practice immediately. In other words, there’s something real you can do straightaway to improve the post you’re drafting. That’s a good thing because you feel as though you’ve learned something. It’s one of the reasons I like this resource so much. And it’s something I aim to provide in my own posts. For example: Top 4 DIY Editing Tips, Top 3 DIY Proofreading Tips, and 4 Copywriting Tips to Improve your Testimonials Page.

Blogging Dos & Don’ts

A short time ago Daily Blog Tips ran a ‘Writing Clinic’ where they invited bloggers to send in a post for critique. Each of 5 selected posts was featured in a Daily Blog Tips email, and used to illustrate the good, the bad and the ugly from the blogosphere. That was exciting for me because one of my recent posts was featured. After the Writing Clinic, a final email summarised 3 dos and 3 don’ts for bloggers, and linked to the 5 posts for real-life examples. I love to see lessons in context, don’t you?

Here are the dos and don’ts. And please scroll down to link to Daily Blog Tips.


Strong, Clear Titles

Calls to Action

Subheadings & structure





The Daily Blog Tips Writing Clinic Wrap-Up post is here. Once you’ve read the tips and explored the examples, please come back and share the one blogging tip that you’re able to put into practice right away. And if you have your own favourite blogging resource, please share that too! I’ll see you in the comments ..

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  1. Thanks Alison – great tips. I have always struggled with headings xxx

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