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I create obligation-free personalised quotes for potential clients, as follows:

Step 1:
We discuss your project by email, Skype, or phone. I like to understand the context for your writing as this helps me to be more responsive and sensitive to the proofreading, editing and/or writing you need.

Step 2:
You may send me a sample of your writing so that I can advise on the scope and extent of proofreading and editing that I recommend. We discuss this in order to clearly agree on the types of changes, input, support and advice that you’re looking for. If you wish, we sign a Confidentiality Agreement before you send a sample.

Step 3:
We discuss and agree on the type of mark-up (if any) you’re looking for. I use the Tracking tool that’s available in both Pages and Word. Some clients like to see mark-up and others don’t.

Step 4:
We also agree on the extent to which (and how) we stay in touch during the project. Some clients prefer regular contact as the work progresses, while others don’t. We may agree on the number of client reviews (where you check the work so far, and offer feedback) to include in the project. I always contact clients during a project if I need clarification on any point.

Step 5:
From here, we agree on cost and timing. For jobs of AU$100 or more, I require a 50% payment at the beginning of the project, and 50% on completion.

Please browse what Clients Say .., and use the form below to get in touch to discuss your project.

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