Top 4 DIY Editing Tips

Editing a piece of writing should improve its accuracy, brevity, clarity and readability. This post helps explain how good editing does this, using examples from a real-life project. I’m very grateful to Eagles Wings Australia, an Australian-African aid and development alliance, for allowing me to share from our recent collaboration where I edited a learning […]

Top 3 DIY Proofreading Tips

No-one has time for proofreading, right? Effective writing often takes much longer than we expect and in our time-poor lives, it’s usually a relief to dot the final full stop, tick the box on your to-do list and move on. Not only are we short of time, but proofreading is tricky. For at least two […]

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

I once wrote a Letter of Recommendation and the surprising thing is, it was for myself! I’d asked a respected mentor to write something that I could attach to a job application. He suggested that I draft something that he could then edit and sign. Rats! I’d assumed that he would be doing the actual […]

5 Easy Steps to Control your To-Do List using the Impact-Ease Tool

The Challenge I don’t know about you, but my to-do list can really scare me. The problem is simple and well known: too much to do and too little time. People assume that as a proofreader, editor and writer I spend 90% of my time proofreading, editing and writing. But in fact, there are lots […]

The Apostrophe in Daily Use – with Real Life Examples (2)

Here’s a sign from one of my favourite coffee shops. Colourfully written on a huge blackboard outside the front door, the warm and friendly message is very inviting. From a marketing point of view, the business is using the sign to establish its uniqueness and to differentiate it from its (many) competitors. But there are two basic […]

The Apostrophe in Daily Use – with Real Life Examples (1)

Would you have spotted the apostrophe error on this sign near my house? We proofreaders spend a lot of time with apostrophes, and there are at least two reasons for this. Confusing apostrophe rules First of all, some of the rules seem contradictory and are therefore difficult to remember. For example, one rule says that […]

4 Copywriting Tips to Improve your Testimonials Page

Including client testimonials on your website can really make a difference in establishing you as a responsive professional and expert ‘go to’ person in your field. I’m grateful to pro copywriter Steve Plummer ( for his illuminating review of my website copy. In today’s post I describe and illustrate easy changes I’ve made to improve […]

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