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This is Kasey, a 5-month-old Labrador who’s living with us for 12 months. We’ve joined the Queensland Guide Dogs Puppy Raiser program and are teaching Kasey social skills and good manners until she’s old enough to begin guide dog training proper.

Right now she’s asleep under my desk, but there’s been little of that lately. Which is why I don’t have a blog post quite ready this week ..

Instead, three invitations:

1. Link to my most popular posts

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Top 3 DIY Proofreading Tips

Top 4 DIY Editing Tips

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2. Explore this website for writers

Logo for the Australian Writers' Centre



The Australian Writers’ Centre weekly newsletter has just landed in my Inbox, full of the usual variety of material including:

  • courses (and dates) on:
    how to write compelling non-fiction
    professional business writing
    novel writing
    magazine and newspaper writing
    creative writing
    & more
  • ‘did you know’:
    where does the expression ‘Indian summer’ come from?
  • writing tips:
    commas between adjectives
  • a new podcast:
    ‘So you want to be a writer’
  • a national competition:
    Write Around the Murray
  • ‘oops words’:
    spelling, grammar & style bloopers
  • travel writing:
    join the armchair travel industry
  • an online tool:
    .. that suggests names for the characters in your novel (!)

3. Design your own

If you could design your own ideal writing resource, what would it look like? How would it help you? I’m listening.


Til next week, it’s ‘Heel’, ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Wait’ and ‘Good’ for Kasey and me!


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  1. Love this, great resources – thankyou!

  2. You are incredibly brave taking on that little tike! I have a pug who is quite high maintenance, but nothing like your little pup. Good job on collating the writers tips anyway! Your consistency is to be commended (working on that myself). Hmmm….my own writers resource would include: an auto proofer, an auto spinner (to repurpose content), and auto image generater (for awesome images) and an auto Tweet creator! Funnily enough, I’m not that big into automation. Maybe it’s time I changed my tune! Or is it a clone I need Alison?

    • Hi Krishna. Yes, I’m realising that raising a guide dog puppy is a BIG commitment! Thank you for your comment on my consistency. I’m thinking of blogging fortnightly for a while. I find it takes a long time to do something I’m happy with that truly offers my readers help, insight or resources. I appreciate the paradox of not being an ‘automation’ person, yet wishing for auto-tools. Yet another challenge for how we spend our time 🙂

  3. Brian Green says:

    I enjoyed reading all of this, Alison. How about all those courses? I had no idea that so much was going on! Lovely photo of Kacey. Love M xx

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